Philippa Karakashian

These pieces are made in response to the nature of the chalk landscape of Sussex, particularly the coastal margins and hinterlands which occur at low tide. Whilst walking in this salt bleached environment the artist collects,  examines and observes obsolete washed up fragments which have been subjected to the  passing of time and  movement from one state to another .  These diminished objects and the place in which they are found become points of reference and tools for contemplation on the potential of the obsolete when making the work.

Coming from a discipline of printmaking the artist creates meditative work which operates as part of a series rather than an edition of identical images. Her method is based on a procedure of repetition and  recurring motifs, isolating different parts and exploiting unpredictable changes in the process.  Adhering to a self imposed and rigorous system  of eliminating, editing and selecting each piece remains unique. Often incorporating fragile or dessicated materials and surfaces, the inclusion of horizontal and vertical divisions and a muted palette all seek to imply a sense of order and allude to the mapping and aura of a particular domain.